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Our Service that connects

Vilta Group, Inc. offers a broad portfolio of products for the prevention and treatment of animal diseases. We are upgrading all relevant registration dossiers in accordance with directives and requirements in your country. We also collaborate with partners to help ensure the continuous development of innovative products based on the latest standards and technologies. 

We provide our customers detailed scientific information and high quality products on very competitive terms. Since 2007 we are proud to represent Veterina, Pharmeta, Welding Hamburg, Stanchem, Biochem  in respect to their products in their various forms.

Furthermore, Vilta Group, Inc.  has developed yet another specialty: broker for veterinary finished products (injectables, injectors, etc.).

Because of the fact we regularly visit our clients, we have noticed that due to the increasing pressure on veterinary production companies (GMP / GLP / registration requirements) several of them decide to specialize and therefore close down a part of their production plant, thus creating the need for purchase of finished products in order to close the gap in their product range. On the other hand specialized production companies seek ways for increasing sales of their products. Therefore, both sides look for reliable partners and this is where Vilta Group, Inc.  will be of assistance. Vilta Group, Inc. can relate offer and demand, also in case of contract manufacturing (secrecy assured through contracts).

With our services we intend to make communication with you fast, direct and effective.

The advantages for you are:

  • Service around the clock, seven days a week
  • Fast communication without delays
  • Precise product information
  • Current data on your orders
  • Fast order processing
  • And much, much more!